What to Expect

A 15-20minute pre-consultation call is included. This is a good time to ask any questions, bring up any concerns you may have and talk about the specific issue you’d like to work on.

The session will last between 90 minutes to 2 hours and will be held online over Zoom.

Understanding and freedom around an issue is yours at the end of just one session. We are all unique so occasionally it may take another one or two sessions per issue. Depression, anxiety and weight loss may require several sessions.

  • During your session you will:
  • be in a safe place
  • always be in control
  • know exactly what’s happening
  • be in a heightened state of awareness
  • be fully aware of everything that is being said

The questions asked in the session will go to the root cause of any symptom

When there is an understanding of where the symptoms have come from it is then changed within the session using tools unique to RTT™.   

When the belief is changed pleasure is then linked with not having that symptom.

A personalised audio is then recorded specifically for you. This audio should be listened to for 28 days.

60% of the transformation is done in the therapy session. The remaining 40% is your commitment to listening to the audio.

The first follow up email or text will occur the day after your session.

You will receive follow up emails or texts during the 28- day period following your session.

At the 28 -day mark we will schedule a short phone call to check in and discuss your progress.

You will have email and text access to me for the 28 days after your session for any questions or concerns.