Catherine Marshall Taylor

My Story

My partner of 20 years, Tim, and I recently settled in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia to be closer to our growing families. Prior to that we did a short stint living in the outback town of Broken Hill, NSW. The nearest town was an hour away and the closest city, Mildura, was a 3 hour drive. I adored the desert landscape, the people and the town. It was a far cry from the lush sub-tropical fruit farm we lived on for 10 years before that.

Our farm was 5 minutes west of my hometown of Kingscliff in northern NSW. We worked the 18- acre tropical fruit orchard, developed 2 successful Airbnbs, managed 2 permanent rentals and were caregivers to my now 92-year old father. It was a busy time.


In 2017 I started following Marisa Peer on social media. What Marisa said made perfect sense to me. It wasn’t airy fairy, fluffy stuff, it was practical, no nonsense and helpful.  In late 2017 following a personal health scare I decided to try a session with an RTT ™ therapist to see how effective it was. I was delighted by the results (You can find out more about it in my blog here) 


In early 2018 I started studying Marisa’s Rapid Transformational Therapy ™ course online at night when I wasn’t working on the farm.  In late 2018 Marisa and her team came out to Sydney to teach her pioneering intensive RTT course face to face. It was phenomenal! The life changing therapy I witnessed was mind blowing. And now I get to do that for my clients. I couldn’t be more delighted to be the agent of change in people’s lives once they decide to change and move forward. I personally love seeing the change in my clients faces after the session. The change is remarkable. I almost wish I could take before and after photos. The personalised audio I give them as part of the session is designed to rewire their beliefs over a 28 -day period and then it’s theirs to use whenever they feel it is necessary.


If you are seeking help to change a particular issue in your life please check out the testimonials on my Delighted Clients page to find out more. You can contact me to schedule a call, ask any questions you may have etc.

Some fun facts about me:


  • I’ve swum with Humpback Whales in Vava’u, Tonga, Whale Sharks at Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia and Giant Manta Rays off Lady Elliot Island on the Great Barrier Reef.


  • I’m a big fan of being in nature, at the beach or in forests. I love our big Brisbane back yard and walking our beautiful Labrador, Billy, around the tree lined streets of our neighbourhood.


  • I’m an amateur photographer (I’ll photograph anything that will stay still for long enough)


  • Thankfully I have green thumbs and enjoy growing, picking and eating food that I have grown in our garden.


  • I like my own company and I’m also a very social person.


  • Travelling, exploring and having adventures is important to me. I’ve circumnavigated the World more than a few times and hope to do more. In the meantime exploring my new home of Brisbane and Queensland will suffice.