Change my mindset

Do you know how many Catherine Taylor’s there are in this amazing world of ours? There’s a gazillion people running around out there with my name. My mother, thankfully, was wise enough to give me a middle name. ‘Why Marshall?’ I can hear you saying. I know it’s unusual, but that’s why I like it.

When my Mum was pregnant with me my aunt sent her a book written by a prominent author at the time called Catherine Marshall. The book’s name was ‘Beyond Ourselves’. It was about reaching out and finding hope and help spiritually. Catherine Marshall had lost her husband suddenly to a massive heart attack leaving she and her young son. The book was a journal into how she found hope after losing the love of her life. My mother, decided to reach out and dedicate her life to God as she read this book. It was a pivotal moment in her life and she never let go of God from that moment onward. Her life was so impacted that she chose to name me Catherine Marshall Taylor.

When I was growing up I hated my middle name. There was a boy in my class called Marshall and the kids would tease me about my middle name being a boy’s name. My school bank book had my full name in it and after being teased I crossed off the two ll’s at the end and told everyone my middle name was Marsha. Of course, everyone wanted to be called Marsha, after Marsha Brady from The Brady Bunch, who wouldn’t? LOL!

Then there was this strange revelation when I was 17 and applying for a passport. My name was only registered as Catherine Taylor. My Dad had ‘conveniently’ forgotten to add my middle name. It was probably because he didn’t understand the significance of it. So, there I was feeling a little bereft and not special because I was just plain old Catherine Taylor.

Somehow or another though, Marshall made it onto my license and it’s been there since I was 16. Today I am proud of my beautiful and powerful middle name. I wear it like a badge of honour. I am so grateful that my Mum made the decision to insert this powerful and influential women’s name in mine. I’d also like to thank Catherine Marshall for influencing not only my Mum’s life but so many others, including mine. Your books and influence live on in us.