Change my mindset

I’m the kind of person who loves to listen to positive people when doing mundane chores. Washing up, ironing and cleaning are boring right! To overcome the mundane, I developed a habit of listening to inspirational people on YouTube. I would listen to the likes of Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Brene’ Brown and Pam Grout, just to name a few. One day while washing up this speaker came on that made so much sense to me. It was Marisa Peer, one of Britain’s leading therapists. Marisa developed the Rapid Transformational Therapy™ technique over 30 years working with clients. I made a point of listening to everything of hers I could find on YouTube and signed up to a few of her free programs. I quickly realised that this stuff works.

In October 2017 I was coming up to my annual breast check (my mother passed away due to breast cancer in 2007 at 71 so my sister and I are vigilant). I was feeling rather agitated and stressed about the whole ordeal. The previous year I had undergone 6 biopsies (which turned out to be benign). If you’ve ever had a breast biopsy, let alone half a dozen of them in one session, you will relate. I didn’t know how I was going to cope with it if I had to do that again. I decided to try a Rapid Transformational Therapy ™ session with a trained therapist to see if that would alleviate the stress. We did the session over a platform like Skype, called Zoom. It was such burden shifting experience and to this day I have never had any anxiety around my annual check-ups nor have I had to have any biopsies. It was totally freeing and an experience I would totally recommend to anyone experiencing anxiety symptoms.

After the success of my first RTT™ session, in February 2018 I decided to use Rapid Transformational Therapy to lose weight. I had always been 122lbs (55kgs) growing up and into my 30’s. I went through a very stressful time in my mid-30’s and quickly gained 30lbs or 14kgs. In 2002 I managed to lose 20lbs (9kgs) and get down to 132lbs (60kgs). I gained 6.5lbs (3kgs) and ended up at 138.5lbs (63kgs) for 14 years. By February 2018 the weight was creeping back on and I was up to 68.5kgs again. It was then that I decided to shift that weight and get rid of it forever. I signed up for one of Marisa’s weight loss programs (Perfect Weight Forever) and went from there. I was so determined and let nothing stop me from achieving my goal. On the 16th of August 2018, 6 months later, I achieved my goal of being 122lbs (55kgs) again. WOWW!!!!! What an amazing effort!! I looked and felt like a new woman and had to purchase a whole new wardrobe. It was exhilarating! 4 months later I am happily maintaining my weight at 122lbs. It feels so good to unburden my body of all that excess weight. I am now proudly wearing a bikini to the beach and showing off my new curvy body.

In March 2018 I decided to investigate becoming a therapist myself, so I could help others. I started studying the online Rapid Transformational Therapy™ course in March 2018 and in early August 2018 I qualified as an RTT™ Practitioner. In November 2018 I flew to Sydney and attended the Live course. Marisa showcased how Rapid Transformational Therapy ™ works over a 12-day intensive course. It was a game changer! I feel so inspired now to help others and know that I can.

Look out 2019 because I’m going to help change some lives and this will include my own!